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Regional Policy Research Center

The Regional Policy Research Center was established on July 1, 1998 for the purpose of conducting interdisciplinary research on problems concerning regional policies and contributing to the advancement of Takasaki City, the entity that founded Takasaki City University of Economics, and other municipalities in Japan.

With its personnel including TCUE's full-time faculty from a wide range of specialized fields, this research center has been engaged in various projects to stimulate activity in the central areas of municipalities, drawing up wide-reaching development plans, etc.

The Center's regular activities:

  1. Academic research and investigation of regional policies and presentation of their research results
  2. Research and investigations commissioned by the central and local governments and preparation of reports of the research results
  3. Collection and management of relevant books and materials
  4. Organization of seminars and lectures
  5. Provision of training courses regarding regional policies
  6. Preparation of "Center News"

The Center also supports the operation of the Japan Association of Regional Policy and provides a radio seminar on the FM broadcast Radio Takasaki, aiming at serving not only municipal governments but also many citizens involved in regional policy. Although most of the Center's activities are conducted by its personnel, municipal governments' officers and students also participate in them. This gives students of the Graduate School of Regional Policy, which was founded on April 1, 2000, an opportunity to experience actual research activities.

Contact Information
Regional Policy Research Center Office (Library 1st floor)
Phone Number: 027-344-6294