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Research Institute for Regional Industries

Takasaki City University of Economics Research Institute for Regional Industries was established at the same time as the university. It has been engaged mainly in fundamental and investigative research to contribute to the advancement and development of the regional economy and industries. It reports the results of its research twice a year in its journal "Industrial Research."

The Institute has also organized activities outside the institute and university for nearly 30 years with a wide range of themes and contents in their open-to-the-public lectures (presently "Research Institute for Regional Industries' Open Lecture Series") and symposiums. A research team, in which researchers from outside of the university also participate, has actively worked on research of a specific subject and announced many achievements so far.

The Institute provides a consultation service for collaborative/contracted research in order to enhance the collaboration with local small- and medium-sized businesses, the industrial community and public organizations so that the institute may strengthen its foundation to engage in research that can be useful to contemporary society.

The role of universities as an institute for contributing to local communities is becoming more important. The contributions that the Research Institute for Regional Industries have made to the local region thus far, have been received praise as such an example of a university's valuable role.

Publications of project research results (The last 5 years)
New Local Industries and Today's Industrial Environment (Nihon Keizai Hyouronsha Ltd.)
Sustainable Society and Amenities (Nihon Keizai Hyouronsha Ltd.)
Phases of Industrial Legacies in Gunma (Nihon Keizai Hyouronsha Ltd.)
Future of Regional Public Universities (Nihon Keizai Hyouronsha Ltd.)
Research on Social Capitalism (Nihon Keizai Hyouronsha Ltd.)

Contact Information
Research Institute for Regional Industries Office (Library 1st floor)
Phone Number: 027-344-6267