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Takakei Hall
Takakei Hall was opened in January 1986 as a training facility with overnight accommodations for personnel, students and alumni of the University. Address: 1461 Shimokobana-machi, Takasaki, Gunma (5 minute walk to the west of the University)
Address: 1461 Shimokobana-machi, Takasaki, Gunma (5 minute walk to the west of the University)
Access On foot
5 minutes to the west of the University
By bus
20 minutes from the West Exit of JR Takasaki Station by Gunma Bus.
You can take a bus bound for Murota via Hongo, bound for Misato via Oki or bound to Harunako. Get off at Karasaki.
Accommodation capacity: 16 people
Room charge: 2,000 yen (1 person/night)
Equipment: Guest rooms (12 Western style single rooms and 4 Japanese style single rooms), a training room, a meeting room and 11-car parking lot
Available to - Personnel of Takasaki City University of Economics
- Students of Takasaki City University of Economics and their guardians
- Alumni of Takasaki City University of Economics
Hours: Overnight Stay
Check-in time: 4:00 p.m.
Check-out time: 10:00 a.m.
Curfew: 11:00 p.m.
Meeting room
Available hours: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
Holidays: The first and third Sundays of every month
Year-end and New Year Holidays
(Please inquire in advance holidays that are occasionally unscheduled)
Note: Breakfast and dinner are not served.
Toiletries are not available. Please be aware you must bring your own.(The bath closes at 10:00 p.m.)
No smoking in the facility
Where to make reservations: Supporters' Association Office

Subsidy for Use of Recreation Facility
Recreation facilities (where subsidies can be used)

Facility name Address
Lake Haruna Spa Yusuge 846-3 Harunako-machi, Takasaki
Lakeside Yusuge 846-3 Harunako-machi, Takasaki
Hamayu Sanso 27-80 Kawaura, Kurabuchi-machi, Takasaki

Lake Haruna Spa Yusuge
Lakeside Yusuge
Hamayu Sanso

Regarding the use of Subsidy Coupons for Recreation Facilities


1 Regarding use
  (1)Making reservations: Coupon users must contact the facility directly and make a reservation.
  (2)Eligible user: Students of Takasaki City University of Economics
  (3)Amount subsidized: 4,000 yen/coupon
  (4)Limits of use: A limited number of subsidy coupons will be issued. (Within fiscal year 2012)
2 Application and Issuance
  (1)How to apply: How to apply: After making a reservation, fill in the "Application Form for Accommodation Subsidy at a Recreation Facility of Takasaki City University of Economics" and submit it.
* Please refer to the attached file below to view the format.
  (2)Where to apply: Takasaki City University of Economics Supporters' Association Office
  (3)Issuance: After the information on the submitted form is verified, the coupon will be issued to the representative named on the application.
*It takes three days to issue the coupon after submitting an application.
*The representative named on the application must visit the office to receive the coupon.
3 Notes for Use
  (1)One night's accommodation for one person requires one coupon subsidized in the amount of 4,000 yen by the Supporters' Association Office.
  (2)Please apply no later than 5 days prior to the day you want to use the facility.
  (3)Submit the coupon upon check-in.
  (4)Please pay the remaining cost of accommodation after deducting the amount of the subsidy from the total accommodation charges to the facility.
  (5)Mind your manners at the facility.