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The 4th Floor

Computer Room
 This room is equipped with 28 computers with the designated purpose of supporting students' study and research. (Available only for TCUE students)

Open stacks
 Books on general works, philosophy and history are stored here. You can read the books stored in this stack at your leisure. Please return finished books to the drop-off stand.

Compact stacks
 Books on natural science, technology, industry, art, language and literature are stored in this stack. Local materials are also found here.

Reference books
 Reference books in fields other than economics are stored in the stacks in the area near Mitsuougi Hall.

Local materials
 Local materials of Gunma Prefecture and Japan are stored here. You are prohibited from taking materials with a red "For Reference Only" label from the library.

White paper corner
 Various white papers are stored here and normally available for lending.

Group study rooms
 There are 4 rooms for group studying; one room for 14 people, two rooms for 23 people and one room for 8 people. Students can use them for their voluntary study meetings and training sessions. To use these rooms, an advance reservation is required. Reservations are accepted at the main counter on the 2nd floor.

Reading corner
 There are reading corners along the north and south windows. Feel free to use them at your leisure.