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The 3rd Floor

Open compact stacks
 Books in the field of economics are stored here. You can read them at your leisure. Please return finished books to the drop-off stand.

Reference books
 Economic reference books are stored on the low book shelf near Mitsuougi Hall.

Reading room
 There are wooden reading desks in this room to allow you a quiet study atmosphere. The room provides a comfortable atmosphere with its wooden upholstered chairs as well. There are 136 seats in the room for you to use at your leisure.

Reading corner
 At the reading desks next to the windows, you can study in a relaxed mood enjoying the view of trees outside. You can use this corner at your leisure.

Personal reading room
 There are seven personal reading rooms available next to the windows. Closing the door, you may concentrate on studying and research in a private space. (Available only for students and faculty of TCUE)