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The 2nd Floor

Main Counter
 The main Counter provides general guidance concerning lending and returning books and reference service in this library. If you have any inquiries about the library, please ask a staff member at this counter.

Magazine corner
 The latest versions of magazines, collections of papers and bulletins are placed here. (Back numbers are stored on the 5th floor). Japanese magazines are arranged in order of the Japanese syllabary and foreign magazines alphabetically.
Collections of papers and bulletins from other universities are arranged by university name in order of the Japanese syllabary.
You can read materials at your leisure in this corner. Materials are not available for lending. Please return finished books to the drop-off stand.

Catalogue search corner
 You can search for approximately 300,000 books in the library with a catalogue search device.
Information on magazines is updated regularly, making most of them easily searchable.
Feel free to use the devices that are placed on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. With the device, you can search a book by its title or the author's name.

Audio-visual materials corner
 Audio-visual materials are stored here. Most materials are in the form of VHS or DVD. CDs, LDs and cassette tapes are also available. These materials are only available for use in the audio-visual corner on the 2nd floor. (They are not allowed to be taken out of the library). Reservations to use the materials are accepted at the main counter on the 2nd floor.

CD-ROM search corner
 There are 3 CD-ROM devices. If you want to use them, please visit the library.
 *Part of the Digital Library System (DLS) is not available due to a malfunction.

Microfilm materials corner
 Microreaders to read microfiches and microfilms are installed next to the main counter. If you want to use them, please visit the library. If you need a list of microfilm and microfiche materials, please ask at the main counter.
 *Microreaders are currently not available due to a malfunction.

Newspaper corner
 There are 14 Japanese newspapers, 4 English-language newspapers and 1 Chinese-language newspaper. You can check your hometown’s local news in one of the 4 Japanese local papers.
 (Reduced-size versions of Asahi Shinbun, Nikkei, Nikkei Marketing Journal and Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun are stored on the 5th floor.)

Reading corner
 Wooden reading desks are installed near the magazine and the newspaper corners. They are located in a well-lit space next to the window.

Browsing corner
 Sofas next to the window provide a well-lit space where you can enjoy some leisure reading.