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Subjects offered

This graduate school offers the following subjects. In this doctoral course, students are required to earn a total of at least 12 credits: 8 credits in a special seminar (year-round subject) provided by their respective research advisors for two (2) years from their entrance; and 4 or more credits in every subject of special seminars, seminars and advanced study courses conducted by instructors who are not their own research advisors. A student who passes the doctoral thesis review and the last examination is awarded a doctoral degree (Regional Policy PhD.)

  Names of subjects Number
of credits
Instructors in charge


Research Guidance of Urban Geography - Takashi Todokoro
Special Seminar on Urban System 4 credits Yasuo Tsugawa
Research Guidance of Urban System - Yasuo Tsugawa
Special Seminar on Rural Planning 4 credits Motonobu Murayama
Research Guidance of Rural Planning - Motonobu Murayama
Special Seminar on Rural Geography 4 credits Toshiaki Nishino
Research Guidance of Rural Geography - Toshiaki Nishino
Special Seminar on Industrial Policy of Region 4 credits Yoshihiko Kawato
Research Guidance of Industrial Policy of Region - Yoshihiko Kawato
Special Seminar on Contemporary Politics 4 credits Tadashi Masuda
Research Guidance of Contemporary Politics - Tadashi Masuda
Special Seminar on Human Ecology 4 credits Toshio Kawabe
Research Guidance of Human Ecology - Toshio Kawabe
Special Seminar on Japanese Culture 4 credits Mitugi Chiba
Research Guidance of Japanese Culture - Mitugi Chiba
Special Seminar on Law and Culture 4 credits Mami Hiraike Okawara
Research Guidance of Law and Culture - Mami Hiraike Okawara


Seminar on Office Work(Human Resource Development) 2 credits Noboru Omiya
Advanced Study of Urban Planning 2 credits Hiroaki Harada
Advanced Study of Environmental Education 2 credits Takeaki Shimizu
Advanced Study of Cultural Policy 2 credits Asako Ishida
Advanced Study of Regional History 2 credits Seiji Izumi


  • Students are required to register for a special seminar (a total of 8 credits) conducted by their own research advisors.
  • Students are allowed to register also for advanced study courses provided by instructors who are not their own research advisors.