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Educational Goals
Goals of the Doctoral Program

1. Establishment of regional policy studies and cultivation of quality researchers
Establishing regional policy as a new field of study to examine regional development theories is a significantly important challenge for us. Aiming at establishing regional policy studies as a theoretical pillar in the era of decentralization, we will continue to accumulate practical research and educational experiences as well as develop a system to nurture researchers who engage in regional policy research.

2. Cultivation of highly specialized professionals with an ability to plan policy
Human resources who can lead regional management and contribute to the creation of a prosperous regional society are increasingly needed in this society in which decentralization is advancing. This program aims to cultivate human resources who understand regional characteristics well and can propose region-oriented policies based on their highly specialized knowledge and policy planning ability.

3. Striving to be an open university that can make a considerable contribution to regional societies
The program aims to contribute to regional societies by nurturing highly specialized professionals and providing opportunities for further education to working members of society. We are also involved in solving many problems in the development of regional societies and the revitalization of city centers to contribute to regional societies through the activities of the Regional Policy Research Center in cooperation with other research and educational institutions. Postgraduates in this Program are allowed to participate in projects as members of the Center.