Educational Goals
The Educational Goals and Structure of the Department of Modern Economics and Management Doctoral Program

In the Department of Modern Economics and Management, postgraduates in the Doctoral Program advance their research, to create the foundation of a sustainable society, based on their research products in the TCUE master's program or that of another university's graduate school and strive to obtain a doctorate.

In the Special Seminar, postgraduates survey preceding studies to learn the fundamentals of writing a doctoral thesis. The Research Guidance class provides each student with specific instructions on how to write a doctoral thesis. The Special Seminar and Research Guidance are the core subjects of the curriculum of the Doctoral Program.

In the Project Research subjects (workshops) and the Advanced Study subjects (lectures), postgraduates analyze practical and pragmatic issues in relevant fields and examine the themes of their own doctoral theses from every angle. Following the Master's Program, they continue comprehensive research in economics and business administration in Project Research subjects and Advanced Study subjects.

Postgraduates are required to report the findings of their research that they have conducted in the program to academic and/or research societies as well as use their findings to contribute to journals and/or specialist magazines, to meet the requirements for writing a doctoral thesis.

Those who have a doctoral degree from this program are expected to lead research, education and organizational administration at universities, research institutes, think tanks, companies, international agencies, governmental and municipal offices, educational institutions, cooperative organizations and NPOs as top-class researchers or highly specialized professionals and contribute to academic research and regional development to establish a sustainable society.


Examples of themes dealt with in Department of Modern Economics and Management doctoral theses:

  • Corporative Association of Gumma Logistics' business promotion process of cargo and vehicles supply and demand --Considered in terms of information systems
  • Study on the workload of employees at universities--Forming a foundation in order to develop abilities based on an ergonomically organized approach
  • Expansion of business administration information guidelines and information systems
  • Study on the characteristics of career building in Japan


Those who have obtained a doctoral degree from the Takasaki City University of Economics Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration are playing active roles in universities and companies throughout Japan.