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Subjects offered

General Education

Subjects of Liveral Arts
Japanese Law, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Business Management, Sociology, Geography, Public Philosophy, History

Art and Humanity
Philosophy, Ethics, Psychology, Folklore, Religion, Archaeology, Japanese History I・II, European and American History, Asian History, Linguistics, Japanese Literature, English and American Literature, European Literature, Town and Architecture, Aesthetics, Music Theory, Western Art History, Eastern Art History, Developmental Psychology

Social Science
Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitution Theory, Legal Philosophy, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Japanese Economy, Social Security, Accounting, Education, Gender, Criminal Law, Labor Law

Natural Science
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physical Anthropology, Ecosystem and Environment, Physical Geography, Space and Earth, Global Environment, Chemical and Environment, Life Science, Food and Health, Sports Science I・II


Subjects of Foreign Language
Oral English , Internet English , Japanese(Basic) , Japanese(Japanese Society) , TOEIC500, TOEIC600, TOEIC700, Cambridge Examination , German , French , Chinese , Spanish , Italian , Korean


Information and Statistics
Information Literacy I・II, Information Science, Statistics, Regional Statistics, Social Research(Qualitive Research)


Main Course

Introduction Subjects
Group A
Invitation to Regional Policy, Academic Skills, Introduction to Regional Policy, Introduction to Regional Development, Introduction to Tourism Policy, Contemporary Regional Development

Group B
Contemporary Urban Problems, Urban Policies, Contemporary Agricultural and Rural Problems, Agricultural Economics, International Economics, International Relations, Regional Economy, Economic Policies, Regional Policies, Local Politics, Regional Development, Marketing, Biogeochemical Cycling and Symbiosis, Regional Environment, Regional Health Service, Social Welfare, Regional Cultures, Cultural Policies, Regional Sociology, Lifelong Learning, Tourism Industries, Tourism Policies, Tourism Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Multicultural Community, International Tourism, Tourism Resources Management, Tourism Geography