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Department of Regional Policy Introduction

The educational purpose of the Department of Regional Policy is to cultivate human resources who have extensive knowledge and policy planning ability concerning decentralization and regional policy in Japan and overseas countries and can take a leading role in the promotion of regional development both in urban and rural areas. Specifically, the human resources our university attempts to cultivate are capable of the following:


  1. Individuals who are outstanding at policy planning
  2. Individuals who hold a special interest in local autonomy
  3. Individuals who specialize in companies' regional strategy
  4. Individuals who can develop urban/rural development plans
  5. Individuals who specialize in international affairs


The Department of Regional Policy's curriculum is composed of subjects in 5 spheres:  1. Urban area ‚ 2. Rural area ƒ 3. International relations „ 4. Regional industry and economy and … 5. Regional politics and administrations. The contents of each sphere are as follows:
  1. Urban area: Focusing mainly on Japanese cities, using the cities' past, present and future as a basis to analyze their structures, identify their problems and find ideal city models.
  2. ‚Rural area: Focusing mainly on rural communities in Japan, using the communities' past, present and future to analyze their structures, identify their problems and find ideal agricultural community models.  
  3. ƒInternational relations: Aiming at developing international perspectives, deepening the understanding of the conditions and structures of the modern world as well as considering the relationship Japan has with the rest of the world.
  4. „Regional industry and economy: Considering the ideal regional economy based on the principles of economic factors that constitute a regional economy, in basic and advanced subjects of regional industry and economy as well as subjects dealing with corporate management.
  5. …Regional politics and administrations: Deepen the understanding of principles and structures concerning regional politics and administrations, and consider the ideal regional politics and administrations


The "Study of Regional Policy," is a lecture series that covers all spheres in the Department of Regional Policy. In this class, the department's full-time teachers take turns delivering lectures on general and particular studies of regional policy. These lectures allow the students a chance to understand this department's framework of education and research.