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Subjects offered
Group 1 Economic Theory
Capitalism I / Principles of Economics I, Capitalism II / Principles of Economics II, History of Economic Thoughts I・II, Methodology of Economics I・II, International Economics I・II, Introduction to Microeconomics I・II, Economic Fluctuation, Introductory Econometrics, Econometrics, Modern Economics I・II, Applied Microeconomics I・II, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Applied Macroeconomics , General Theory of Social Economy


Group 2 Economic History/Thought
Early Modern Economic History in Japan, Economic History in Japan During The Modern Ages, Economic History of Europe and America I, History of Tokugawa Economic Thoughts, History of Modern Japanese Economic Thoughts, Comparative Social Thoughts, Modern Economic Thoughts I・II, History of Asian Economy II, Early Modern Agricultural History in Japan
Group 3 Economic Policy/Situation
World Economy I・II, Theory of Japanese Economy I・II, Urban Economics I・II, Economic Geography I・II, Industrial Organization I・II, Agricultural Economics I・II, Small and Medium Business Economics I・II, Regional Economy I・II, Industrial Structure I・II, Modern Capitalism I・II, Economic Policy I・II, Chinese Economy I・II, Economic Development of Asia


Group 4 Fiscal and Monetary Economics
Educational Administration and Finance, Introduction to Monetary Economics, Local Public Finance, Public Economics I・II, Theory of Banking I・II, Environmental Economics I・II, International Monetary Economics I・II, Advanced Monetary Economics, Tax Theory
Group 5 Economic Mathematics/Statistics
Mathematics for Economics I・II, Statistics, Applied Statistics, Internet and Economics I・II, Macroeconomic Statistics I, Economic Statistics I・II
Group 6 Social Policy and Law
Social Policy I・II, Labor Economics I・II, International Labor Markets II, Administrative Law I・II, Economic Law I・II, Principles of Social Security, Social Security System


Group 7 Foreign Books, etc.
Reading in Foreign Languages I・II, Special Lecture (Econonomics)
Group 8 Seminar
Introductory Seminar, Seminar I・II, Market and Economy, Business and Accounting
Liberal Arts Education (Common to Department of Economics and Department of Business Management)
Introductionto Japanese Linguistics, Studies in Japanese Language, Composition I・II, Introduction to Academic Writing I・II, Psychology, Social Psychology, Asian History, European and American History, Japanese Modern History, Japanese History in the Classical and Medieval Periods, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Human Geography, Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Religious Studies, Language and society, Language and culture, American Society and Culture I・II, Theories and Practices of Foreign Language Leaning I・II
Modern Social Philosophy, Contemporary Social Philosophy, International Relations, Politics, Political Institutions, Cultural Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Studies, Massmedia Studies, Sociology I・II, Methodology of Social Sciences, Fundamental Social Science Theory, History of Social Thoughts II, Contemporary Thought, European Politics, Japan Topography, World Topography, Japanese Law(I)・(II), The Constitution of Japan, International Law, German Culture and History, Modern German Culture, Introduction to France, Modern France
Introduction to Statistics, Basic Statistics, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Introduction to Calculus, Introduction to linear algebra, History of Natural Science, Life Sciences, Ecology, Logic, Symbolic Logic, Physical Geography, Educational Measurement and Method, Calculus, Linear Algebra
Career Design, Financial Literacy, Career English, Academic English, Introduction to Academic Studies, Business Communication Skills
[Foreign Language (English/Japanese), Foreign Languages or Basic Subjects]
English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mathematics for Economics and Management, Academic Reading and Writing Exercises
[Health and Physical Education]
Health and Sports, Sports Science I・II, Lifelong Sport Activities I・II