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Department of Economics Introduction


Respecting students' personalities and identities


Economics is one of the social sciences that tries to clarify what value and impact the actual economic situation, systems and policies have on individuals' lives and society, by analyzing historical facts and reality, and applying coherent logic or mathematical techniques. Economics analyze and clarify mechanisms, structures and movements unique to each diverse economic system, including market economy, based on theories and demonstrations.


The Department of Economics' curriculum has been planned with consideration to the balance of a variety of subjects that deal with general economic theories, analytical models and tools, the world economy, Japan and other countries' economies, history and the present condition of regional economies, economic policies' effects and impacts on fiscal and monetary systems, specific conditions of regional economies. Students may choose to take specialized subjects from their first year. Students in the second term of their sophomore year are required to participate in a small-sized seminar to deepen their knowledge of a specialized field. A lecture series is conducted every year by various experienced working professionals, to provide students with wonderful insight and the most up-to-date information regarding the conditions of real companies and society. The curriculum is arranged systematically in steps and stages to meet the diverse interests in study of students coming from areas throughout Japan as well as the rest of the world.


Studying specialized knowledge in this curriculum will give students perspective and the ability to accurately understand critical issues in today's society and economy. For example, shifting exchange rates, the rise in prices of energy resources, the declining birthrate, the increasing number of job-hopping part-time workers, the giant financial deficit and conclusion of free trade agreements. If students can acquire general economic knowledge useful in the real world and enhance their abilities in presentation and communication, they will be able to pave their own way in the world.


Students who studied economy based on this faculty's rich curriculum, from the basics through real-life applications, were able to enter society as competent employees in companies, municipal governments and other business fields after graduation. Their outstanding achievements nationwide should serve as a great encouragement to current and future students.


We are looking forward to seeing you join us in opening the door to a future with unlimited potential and launching an endeavor into academic exploration with your fellow students.