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Licenses Students Can Obtain at TCUE

Teaching Certificate

Since its foundation, the Takasaki City University of Economics, Faculty of Economics has offered courses for obtaining teaching certificate to teach social studies in junior high school and geography and history, civics and commerce in high school, based on its open door principle that educators should not only be fostered at certain specialized teacher education institutions, but also by general universities and a belief that the teaching profession is a specialized job. There is great significance in a general university like TCUE's Faculty of Economics offering a teacher-training course.
First of all, through the study of economics, a specialized field covering a wide range of research disciplines, our teaching training courses can develop human resources who will be able to maintain and implement a broad, overhead view of what functions education has in their practice.
Second, students at TCUE are rich in diversity in terms of their origins and personalities. Such an environment will help them develop their ability as a teacher who can contribute to today's school education, which suffers from various problems.
In the history of TCUE, many of our graduates have become teachers in schools ranging from elementary schools to universities with some graduates are working actively as mid-level officials in educational administration. They have achieved remarkable results, especially in commercial education in Gunma and other prefectures.
It is not easy to gain a teacher certification because students are required to obtain additional credits to complete the teaching-training courses separately from those required to graduate the university. Therefore, to gain the teacher certification, paying a considerable effort is indispensable.


Regarding obtaining a teaching certificate

  1. Licenses students can obtain through the Faculty of Economics
    - Primary License to teach geography and history and civics at high school
    - Primary License to teach social studies at junior high school
  2. Number of credits required 
License students can obtain at TCUE  Type of license Primary high school license  Primary junior high school license
 Teaching subject Geography and history Civics Commerce Social Studies
Requirements for certification Basic qualifications Bachelor's degree
Minimum number of credits that should be obtained at university Courses in the teaching subject 32 34 28
Teaching courses 29 37
The Constitution of Japan 2
Physical education 4
Foreign language communication 2
Handling of information devices 2
Care giving practical training   1