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Department of Business Management Introduction


Exploring business administration from multilateral viewpoints


Business administration is a systematic study of methods of efficient operation of an organization to maximize its performance by effectively utilizing economic resources including people, goods, money and information. The word "organization" refers to all entities including schools, hospitals, local governments as well as companies. However, the research conducted in management studies focuses particularly on companies due to their numbers, scale and impact on society and the economy.


What does "maximization of a company's performance" really mean? In simple terms, it can be translated as maximizing a company's profit. Pursuing profits is certainly critical for a company's continuing existence and development. However, many stakeholders including consumers, clients and suppliers, residents in the local community, governments, shareholders, financial institutions and employees are involved in the company's business operations. In order to continue to exist and grow for an extended period of time, companies are required to establish a relationship to pursue coexistence and co-prosperity with these stakeholders. Therefore, a multilateral viewpoint is essential in order to master business administration.


The Department of Business Management provides a variety of subjects so students may consider and study corporate management from a multilateral viewpoint. Major fields of the subjects are as follows:


  1.  Subjects regarding the history of companies and business administration
  2. ‚ Subjects regarding the social values, forms and governance of companies
  3. ƒ Subjects regarding management of human resources, production processes and information
  4. „ Subjects regarding strategies, marketing and global expansion of companies
  5. … Subjects regarding corporate accounting and finance
  6. † Subjects regarding the laws that regulate companies' existence and activities


The Department of Business Management provides a curriculum to systematically study the specialized knowledge in these subjects aimed at cultivating a workforce who can be active on the front lines of the business world and can positively contribute to the development of their organizations, regardless of whether they are in the public or private sectors.