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Faculty of Economics Admission Policy
The Faculty of Economics educates students based on Takasaki City’s tradition as a prosperous commercial city, placing emphasis on the two pillars of practical science and enterprising spirit. By cultivating a broad academic base through appropriate instruction based on the teaching staff's superior research results, we aim to nurture students to become a future workforce capable of holding their own in various international and domestic subjects in the fields of economics and general business administration. To achieve these goals, the faculty welcomes individuals with the following profiles:
1. Individuals who completely understand what they have learned in their high school studies
2. Individuals who have a strong interest in the fields of economics and business administration and the desire to play a leading role in international and domestic economy and society
3. Individuals who are eager to study in a responsible way as an independent person
4. Individuals who can value other people’s opinions and engage in study and extracurricular activities in the university in cooperation with other people