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Message from the Chairman

Takasaki City University of Economics (TCUE) aims at being a regionally based communicator of knowledge to the world.

The concepts of being "regionally based" and a "communicator of knowledge to the world" have very different dimensions from each other, and combining the two is not an easy task. However, it is our duty to maintain the philosophy that TCUE was founded on 55 years ago in provincial Takasaki, of cultivating human resources who can contribute to the development of local communities in cooperation with them. We also believe that one of our most important tasks is to nurture young people who can respond to the globalization of today's society and can take part in the international community. Therefore, we will continue to pursue both regional and global development by being the "base of knowledge" that ties together the local region with the world.

Considering the situation that faces Japan today, creating a mechanism to realize both regional and global prosperity and connecting local regions and the world, is a critically important task for all of us who live in this country. If only the global economy forges ahead and develops, leaving local communities behind, those communities will be forced to live within an even smaller social realm.
On the other hand, if a local community closed its gates to exchange with the global society, the community will lose its access to items critical to its livelihood; such as foreign currency, food, raw materials and resources. Although it is a hard road to travel, creating a social structure that will establish the coexistence and connection of global and regional societies is indispensable in creating a bright future for Japanese society.

TCUE will make every effort to pioneer this vision. We have traditionally placed somewhat more emphasis on local communities but plan to shift our focus more toward the world to maintain a balanced perspective. As part of our attempt to disseminate knowledge to the world, we have decided to create the English version of our website.

We will continue striving to improve the contents of this site and we hope that our visitors can utilize them as a tool to exchange information.

Masaru Takagi, Chairman