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Message from the President
President Motonobu Murayama

Since its establishment in 1957, the Takasaki City University of Economics (TCUE) has developed as a regional public university offering a unique learning experience to students coming together in the city of Takasaki. In 1996, the university doubled enrollments by establishing the Faculty of Regional Policy as its second faculty, while stepping up its global orientation by welcoming numerous students from abroad, especially Asian countries. In this milestone 60th anniversary year, TCUE has launched the Department of International Studies in the Faculty of Economics to deliver an education system geared to the needs of learners in our current age of increasing globalization.


As we are all well aware, the world has been experiencing a deepening confusion in the 21st century. The ever-intensifying confrontations and conflicts between nations, ethnic groups and religions are leading to a denial of the existence of mankind itself. The nations of the world are also commonly facing borderless issues such as environmental problems including global warming and limitations in the existing energy supply system that depends on fossil fuels and nuclear power. Given the inevitability of economic and social globalization, we are pressed to keep pursuing global economic and social systems that are well equipped to solve these impending issues.

 Meanwhile, as the aging and shrinking population drives local communities in Japan to the brink of collapse, regional areas are plausibly referred to as a thing of the past. In addition, widening social disparities are also unsurprisingly undermining the stability of local communities. Regenerating local regions and ensuring their independence and stability are challenges that need to be tackled immediately.

 TCUE hopes to solve such substantial issues faced at both the global and regional level through education and research.


TCUE transformed itself into a public university corporation in 2011 and in this year is embarking on the period covered by its second medium-term plan. Under the plan, it upholds the target of “serving as a center of intellectual inquiry that is both deeply rooted in the local region and open to the world.” To achieve this goal, we are endeavoring to: (1) educate our students to become independent and promising individuals equipped with a global mindset, creativity and practical skills that will enable them to contribute to the development of Japan, including its regional areas, as well as the world; (2) pursue spontaneous and creative research of a high standard, and serve as a research hub that helps expand the chain of academic research within the local region, across Japan and beyond; and (3) give back to society at large the products of the university’s intellectual resources.

 Strengthening student learning is our utmost priority. At TCUE, in addition to offering a solid specialized education, we are placing a special focus on bolstering our foundational basic education curriculum. The objective is to prepare students to fully absorb the ensuing specialized education and empower them with the basic abilities to contribute to the development of society. The significance of TCUE lies in its function to produce graduates who can fully demonstrate their abilities in society, and we expect our students to grow into such individuals.


The number of TCUE graduates now exceeds 30,000. These people have evolved into pivotal human assets that sustain local communities and corporations across the nation. We are determined to further develop the university into an educational institution that lives up to the high expectations and needs of regional Japan.



Motonobu Murayama



Takasaki City University of Economics